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We're a group of people (kids?) working under the Evolab label to learn new things. It started as a learning initiative. We're very passionate about what we do, and while we eventually hope to grow into a profitable entity, our goal right now is to learn, and spread learning.

We're currently tinkering around with a lot of web development and IOT stuff.

We also take clients for things we're really good at. Like web design and network deployment, for example..


The team

Evolab was the brainchild of Amudhan Manivasagam and Gokul Achayaraj, from Coimbatore, India that began when they decided to build a drone long before they were popular. Over time, due to his significant contributions to various projects, Abhinav (our friend) joined the team. We're self taught, and always on the hunt for new things to do!

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We've had a few people trust us and rely upon us for their projects.


Signature Cakes

  1. A home baker's online portfolio

South Indian Model United Nations

  1. Online registration, advertising, marketing and portfolio for a MUN organization


We've built a drone, as mentioned earlier, and some of our more recent IOT projects include a fully automatic garden watering system and an automatic water level system that we've scaled from our dogs's water bowl to Amudhan's water tank pump for his house.

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